Thursday, December 31, 2009

Star Trek and General Hospital Alumni to appear on Dancing with the Stars?

My friend's Mother-in-law told him that one of her soap opera magazines said that Tom Bergeron had suggested to the producers that Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes should appear on the show.  (Phew - talk about investigative journalism!).

Genie is well-known to soap opera fans as Laura Spencer, wife of Luke, in General Hospital.  Jonathan is widely know to trekkies as "Number 1" - Commander Riker - in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  They married in 1988 and live in Maine.

The producers had tried a married couple in Season 8 with Jewel and Ty Murray, unfortunately Jewel suffered stress fractures in both legs and had to pull out before the season started.

Genie and Jonathan would appeal to a diverse set of fans - soap opera and Star Trek (hmm, maybe there isn't such a difference!).

What do you think?  Would they spice up the show?


  1. I think they would both be great on the show. I am a dance lover first, but am also a geek at heart and really love Jonathan. We'll see if the rumors turn out to be true!

  2. i love genie francis however they are going to totally embarrass themselves. at least jonathan frakes will.